Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Seo optimization tips 2013

While building the links, Google’s preference list has changed than before. The important things to keep in mind are:

Total Number: Google at first keeps track of the total number of links one has. It isn’t an effective factor considering the rank, establishment and trustworthiness of a good site will always be much more valuable than spammy and low quality links.

Domains: If a site has several links from the same site, then it’s a spoil spot. Google is going to disregard the influences of most of the links and so link diversity are very important.

Google can detect the domains of links through varied IP addresses. So, it’s advised that the links should be coming from IP addresses around the globe suggesting connection with different people.

Anchor Text: Anchor texts should be varied while creating links which keeps your link profile diverse and natural looking. As a benefit, people won’t use the keyword that the developer has made on that page pointing to that site.

Age: It’s a popular belief that older links that has been used for years are much more important and powerful than the new links. Older and known links will be definitely more influential and impactful than the new links. Google trusts the old links more because they are much more authoritative.

Variation: Diversity or variation is very important in terms of anchor text and source of the links. Variation is also important with respect to image versus text, placement of links on various sites and ‘dofollow’ links versus ‘nofollow’ links.

Some years ago, only the ‘DoFollow’ links were allowed by Google. As a result, every site developer started focussing entirely on ‘DoFollow’ links and started eliminating the other. But the SEO’s belief is contrary to this and they say that Google wants to curb the success of sites that are not playing according to the instructions of Google and blocking their way to the top.

Quality: Quality is the most important factor to keep in mind. Receiving the links from valued sites is better than receiving thousands of spammy blogs. The focus should be made on getting links from the well-known sites, which is difficult because they’re very conservative. Creating and sharing the links should of top priority to increase the quality of the site.

Relevance of the links is another sign of quality. Google is going to discount the sites where the subjects are not relevant merely makes sense. A typical webmaster should try to lessen the irrelevant topics and stay in their niche.

Bad Links: The bad links have a detrimental impression on the page’s ranking. So, equal importance should be given to limit the number of bad links.

Velocity: Link velocity refers to the rate and schedule at which the kinks are built. The key is to make the links look natural and consistent in making. There shouldn’t be many curves in the velocity and developing new links should be more than the previous month.

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