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Sunday, April 20, 2014

How to Index Your New Blog Post On Google

How to Index Your New Blog Post On Google
If you write a quality post and it is still not indexed by the Google, we feel very frustrating and sometime we even feel like quitting blogging. Writing a quality post is great thing, however if it is not indexing on the Google, then it is your mistake (frankly speaking ;) ). You will need do some work after writing a post.
You spend lot of time finding a topic to your new blog post, then doing research and writing post, after that finding image and optimizing it for SEO.
Even after doing so many things writing a post still it is not indexed on Google.

How Can You Drive Traffic to Your New Blog?

Increase Your Blog Traffic 
We know how important is the traffic to a blog and most of the newbie bloggers quit their blogging just because they don’t see much traffic to the  their blogs.
Wondering why?
Because they don’t implement few tips which will increase their traffic. I am not saying they don’t know these tips, I am saying that they don’t implement them.

Again, we all know there are many ways to get Traffic to a New Blog, however the most important one ” Building Network.” The more network you have the better the chances of increasing traffic to your blog.
The best proven way to build a network around your blog is to “interact with other bloggers or readers around you.”

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How To Put Any One Facebook Profile Picture As Emotion?

This is an awesome trick. Just follow the steps given below to use anyone facebook profile picture as emotion.

Steps To Follow:

Step 1:- Go to any profile, official Page, or event that you want to use as an emoticons.

Step 2:- Look at the URL. Find the username or profile ID at the end of the URL such as ‘Allendev’

Step 3:- Place that name  in double brackets like this [[AllenDEV]]

Step 4:- Enter that into a Facebook Chat.

Step 5:- When you send it, the profile picture of that person will appear as Emotion.

How To Change Your Pc Password Without Knowing The Old Password?

We always use to put complicated passwords in our pc so, that others cannot open it. But sometimes we ourselves forget the password. The below shown trick help you to change the password without knowing old password. This tricks do not work at login screen or boot screen, your computer must be opened to use this trick. This Trick is only for educational purpose. Do not use it for hacking someone's pc.
Steps To Perform The Above Task:
Step 1:- Right click on my computer and select manage.
Step 2:- Double click on System Tool and again double click on Local User and Group.
Step 3:- Double Click on User (exp. your Pc Name )
Step 4:- Right Click on the User(i.e. Your Name), Select set password.
Step 5:- Now, Click on Proceed button.
Step 6:- Finally Set your New Password.

Monday, April 14, 2014

How To Protect Your Pendrive From Virus?

You can make your normal pen drive to virus protected pendrive. The things that are needed for the accomplishment of this trick are: a pc having windows 7 or 8(it may work in vista) and a pendrive. Follow the below steps to perform this task.
Steps Needed To Complete This Task:

Step 1:- Connect your pen drive to your pc which have widows 8 or windows 7 operating system. (You must have administrator rights)
Step 2:- Open ‘My Computer’ and right click on pendrive icon then select ‘Format’ option.(Before formatting you must take a back up of all of your data)
Step 3:- In Format window select file system tab and change it to ‘NTFS’ then Start format.
Step 4:- After formatting done close the format window and open your pendrive.
Step 5:- Create a folder in pen drive and rename it to ‘secured’.
Step 6:- Come back to ‘My Computer’ and again right click on pendrive and now select ‘Properties’ tab.
Step 7:- In properties window select security tab then click on edit and check on ‘Deny’ box for ‘Write’ permission then press ok to apply the settings.
Step 8:- Open pen drive again, right click on ‘Secured’ folder select ‘Properties’ then ‘Security’ tab. Click on ‘Edit’ tab & set ‘Allow’ permission to ‘Full Control’ then click ok to apply settings.
Step 9:- Open ‘Secured’ folder, create one folder into that and name it to ‘Secured.exe’.
Step 10:- Right click on ‘Secured.exe’ folder select ‘Properties’ and make it hidden by selecting ‘Hidden’ attribute then select ‘security’ tab click on ‘Edit’ and set ‘Deny’ permission to ‘Full Control’. Press ‘Ok’ to apply the settings.
[Note:- Now your pen drive is virus protected. But you can’t copy files into your pen drive directly. you need to copy all of your files to the secured folder and I recommend that copy your software setup files to the zip folder. so, virus can’t access software’s exe files.]