Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How To Change Your Pc Password Without Knowing The Old Password?

We always use to put complicated passwords in our pc so, that others cannot open it. But sometimes we ourselves forget the password. The below shown trick help you to change the password without knowing old password. This tricks do not work at login screen or boot screen, your computer must be opened to use this trick. This Trick is only for educational purpose. Do not use it for hacking someone's pc.
Steps To Perform The Above Task:
Step 1:- Right click on my computer and select manage.
Step 2:- Double click on System Tool and again double click on Local User and Group.
Step 3:- Double Click on User (exp. your Pc Name )
Step 4:- Right Click on the User(i.e. Your Name), Select set password.
Step 5:- Now, Click on Proceed button.
Step 6:- Finally Set your New Password.

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