Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Product Images Within Google Organic Results?

Google is now testing product images within the free/organic listings. Google has had product images in the AdWords and Google Product Listing Ads for a long time but it is rare to see Google test showing product images within the free listings.
Google Testing Product Images In Organic Results
The picture above is from a Moz Help thread, where the user noticed it and asked "Has Google put anything out about this?" Not that I know of.
The listing is actually from an advertiser, and the image matches the product images used in the AdWords PLAs shown above. Do you think Google is using that data, the ad data, to power the image shown in the organic listings? Or is it more of a scheme thing, where Google is testing a new rich snippet?
Cre8asite Forum thread is debating that right now.
Have you seen product images in the free listings before?


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