Sunday, April 20, 2014

How to Index Your New Blog Post On Google

How to Index Your New Blog Post On Google
If you write a quality post and it is still not indexed by the Google, we feel very frustrating and sometime we even feel like quitting blogging. Writing a quality post is great thing, however if it is not indexing on the Google, then it is your mistake (frankly speaking ;) ). You will need do some work after writing a post.
You spend lot of time finding a topic to your new blog post, then doing research and writing post, after that finding image and optimizing it for SEO.
Even after doing so many things writing a post still it is not indexed on Google.

Let me tell you the reasons why you are not getting indexed by Google and also a solution to index your new blog post quickly on Google or any Search engine.

Indexing Your New Blog Post Super Fast:

There are many paid services that will make things easy to index your blog posts to Search Engines. I am not going to talk about the paid services today as they are very expensive and hence we cannot afford them. So, here is the FREE solution to get your blog posts indexed quickly on any Search Engine.

Quality Content:

Quality Content (obviously) is the first step to get indexed on any Search Engine.
I highly recommend you not to copy content from other websites, as you are going to get caught by Google sooner or later. Google is watching your every moment on your site, do you think you are going to fool Google? No.
So write your own content of your own. Make sure to write a blog post with at least  500 words.
Also make sure to blog regularly, because Google going to come back to your site again and again to crawl your posts which means that you are sending right signals to Google to Index your site on it. I am sure this will work.

Use Social Networking Sites:

Social Networking is VERY important in building quality backlinks and also drive hell of the traffic to your blog.
Social networking sites
Site that receive more number of shares and likes will be indexed fast as they are the indication of how people love something on the Internet. So make sure to  Share every post on Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
I highly recommend you get more +1′s on Google+ as it is owned by Google you might get extra benefit to get indexed quickly on Google Search.
One more thing, if you want someone to share your content, first you will need to share their content, which will automatically result in trust and there are very high chances of sharing your content without actually asking them to ;)
Google constantly indexes these Social media website as they have high PR, and any link back to your blog would be followed very quickly.

Build Quality Backlinks:

Building high quality Backlinks is one of the best way to increase website traffic and getting higher rank in Google.
Try to build backlinks from high page rank sites. Here are some of the best and common ways to build backlinks.
  1. Guest Posting
  2. Blog Commenting
  3. Use Forums
  4. Interlink Blog Posts
  5. Submit RSS feed to RSS directories
  6. Write Sharable content
I am not saying these are the only things to build backlinks, but these will definitely help you in the long run.

Comment on Blogs:

Start commenting on other blogs which have high Page Rank which will help you increase your Page Rank as well and index your blog quickly. I prefer commenting on Commentluv enabled dofollow blogs.
Commenting on other blog will not only get you a backlink but also improves your Page Rank as well.
Make sure to leave detailed comment on the blogs and it should be conversational.

Use Pingtom Tool:

Ping-O-Matic is a service that is used to update your blog for the Search Engines.
It is very useful and easy to use. It works for both WordPress and Blogger.
You can go to Ping-O-Matic, enter your blog name, URL and Feed URL.
After entering all the fields, select all the services and Click Send Ping.
That’s it.
If you heard this first time and like it, let me know it via comments below.

Update Ping List:

It is important to ping your blog, however this only works for WordPress users.
Let me quickly tell you how to update the ping list in WordPress.
  • Login to your WordPress Admin
  • Click on Settings > Writing
  • Scroll down to the bottom and look for the Update Services Section
  • Delete the list current list there. Click here to download the ping list and Paste this list into the text area.
  • Press Save Changes

After publishing a new post follow all the above tips, you’ll see more traffic from Google Search.


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