Sunday, April 20, 2014

How to Index Your New Blog Post On Google

How to Index Your New Blog Post On Google
If you write a quality post and it is still not indexed by the Google, we feel very frustrating and sometime we even feel like quitting blogging. Writing a quality post is great thing, however if it is not indexing on the Google, then it is your mistake (frankly speaking ;) ). You will need do some work after writing a post.
You spend lot of time finding a topic to your new blog post, then doing research and writing post, after that finding image and optimizing it for SEO.
Even after doing so many things writing a post still it is not indexed on Google.

How Can You Drive Traffic to Your New Blog?

Increase Your Blog Traffic 
We know how important is the traffic to a blog and most of the newbie bloggers quit their blogging just because they don’t see much traffic to the  their blogs.
Wondering why?
Because they don’t implement few tips which will increase their traffic. I am not saying they don’t know these tips, I am saying that they don’t implement them.

Again, we all know there are many ways to get Traffic to a New Blog, however the most important one ” Building Network.” The more network you have the better the chances of increasing traffic to your blog.
The best proven way to build a network around your blog is to “interact with other bloggers or readers around you.”

Thursday, April 17, 2014

List of High PR Instant approval Press release websites 2014

High PR Instant approval Press release websites

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How To Put Any One Facebook Profile Picture As Emotion?

This is an awesome trick. Just follow the steps given below to use anyone facebook profile picture as emotion.

Steps To Follow:

Step 1:- Go to any profile, official Page, or event that you want to use as an emoticons.

Step 2:- Look at the URL. Find the username or profile ID at the end of the URL such as ‘Allendev’

Step 3:- Place that name  in double brackets like this [[AllenDEV]]

Step 4:- Enter that into a Facebook Chat.

Step 5:- When you send it, the profile picture of that person will appear as Emotion.

How To Change Your Pc Password Without Knowing The Old Password?

We always use to put complicated passwords in our pc so, that others cannot open it. But sometimes we ourselves forget the password. The below shown trick help you to change the password without knowing old password. This tricks do not work at login screen or boot screen, your computer must be opened to use this trick. This Trick is only for educational purpose. Do not use it for hacking someone's pc.
Steps To Perform The Above Task:
Step 1:- Right click on my computer and select manage.
Step 2:- Double click on System Tool and again double click on Local User and Group.
Step 3:- Double Click on User (exp. your Pc Name )
Step 4:- Right Click on the User(i.e. Your Name), Select set password.
Step 5:- Now, Click on Proceed button.
Step 6:- Finally Set your New Password.

Monday, April 14, 2014

How To Protect Your Pendrive From Virus?

You can make your normal pen drive to virus protected pendrive. The things that are needed for the accomplishment of this trick are: a pc having windows 7 or 8(it may work in vista) and a pendrive. Follow the below steps to perform this task.
Steps Needed To Complete This Task:

Step 1:- Connect your pen drive to your pc which have widows 8 or windows 7 operating system. (You must have administrator rights)
Step 2:- Open ‘My Computer’ and right click on pendrive icon then select ‘Format’ option.(Before formatting you must take a back up of all of your data)
Step 3:- In Format window select file system tab and change it to ‘NTFS’ then Start format.
Step 4:- After formatting done close the format window and open your pendrive.
Step 5:- Create a folder in pen drive and rename it to ‘secured’.
Step 6:- Come back to ‘My Computer’ and again right click on pendrive and now select ‘Properties’ tab.
Step 7:- In properties window select security tab then click on edit and check on ‘Deny’ box for ‘Write’ permission then press ok to apply the settings.
Step 8:- Open pen drive again, right click on ‘Secured’ folder select ‘Properties’ then ‘Security’ tab. Click on ‘Edit’ tab & set ‘Allow’ permission to ‘Full Control’ then click ok to apply settings.
Step 9:- Open ‘Secured’ folder, create one folder into that and name it to ‘Secured.exe’.
Step 10:- Right click on ‘Secured.exe’ folder select ‘Properties’ and make it hidden by selecting ‘Hidden’ attribute then select ‘security’ tab click on ‘Edit’ and set ‘Deny’ permission to ‘Full Control’. Press ‘Ok’ to apply the settings.
[Note:- Now your pen drive is virus protected. But you can’t copy files into your pen drive directly. you need to copy all of your files to the secured folder and I recommend that copy your software setup files to the zip folder. so, virus can’t access software’s exe files.]

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Use these SEO techniques to gain more traffic to your web and blog.
1. Content is always very very much important. Providing users with fresh, unique contentthat is linkworthy is necessary to your long term success in the chasm of the search engine world.So be cautious about your contant.

2. Use relevant keywords. Targeting keywords that nobody searches is a dead-end road. Take your subject and think like a person who wants more information on the topic. What string of words would best clarify his need and be the easiest to type in?

3. Sitemap building is very essantial. A well organized sitemap gives the search engine spiders a way to speedily and more efficiently scan and index all of your content.

4. Build your brand. Aesthetics and typography are now a huge deal in the internet world. Create an identifiable logo and site layout that is memorable. If it looks pleasant to the eyes, it will be much more prone to gaining a quality backlink.

5. Build quality backlinks. Organic backlinks are tough to come by, but if you write good,unique content and promote it, you will profit those coveted links over time. Backlink building never stops. Always look for ways to profit a new, quality backlink.

6. Need your site crawled and indexed? Submit your site to Google, Yahoo! and Bing, AOL but be warned  this can take a long time. Your best bet at getting indexed quickly is getting a quality backlink from a trusted site.

7. Need your site crawled and indexed frequently? Write fresh content at least two times a week, and make certain that the content is unique in its nature.

8. Modify your permalink structure. Having id=?q133.12PP at the end of your URLs takes up critical SEO space. Modify your permalink structure so that you can make your links completely relevant to your content. View the link to this page in your search bar for an example.

9. Dont be frightened to link out to others. If you link out to others, others will be more apt to link back to you. Its a give and take relationship. Dont be a mooch.

10. SEO is an art form. There is no one perfect way to optimize your content, only guidelines. So dont slip for the advertisements that promise #1 rankings in Google. It never works perfectly.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Time To Get Creative With Your Link Removal Requests

One trend we've seen in the past year or so is that link builders are now extremely busy with link removals. Getting links to your web site has never been easy, it is a talent to get webmasters to read your link requests. But getting link removed is often harder.
Why is it harder? Well, asking for a link is a positive thing. People like positive things. You tell them they have a great site, you are wonderful, etc etc. But link removal requests are negative and people do not like negative things. You are asking a webmaster to remove a link you have to them because Google thinks it is low quality. How dare you tell a webmaster their site is low quality!
That being said, some webmasters and SEOs are getting creative with link removal requests.
As I covered at Search Engine Land, diamond shop Brilliance, did just that. They sent emails with a pirate theme and hoped the webmaster would take the bait. And some did. Here was the email they sent out:

click for full size
Shai Barel of Brilliance said it worked well and even shared three email responses from webmasters who complied with the link removal request. Some of those replies were fun as well:
Ahoy Ye Matey website removed.
I appreciate the way you approached bloggers about this so I will waive my typical fee and remove the link.
What a great removal request! Brightened up my day for sure...
Did you do something creative or fun for your link removal requests?
Forum discussion at Google+.

Google's Matt Cutts: Almost All Penalties Are For Quality Violations

The other day, Steve Plunkett asked Matt Cutts of Google, what percentage of penalties/filters are based on violations of Google's Quality Guidelines versus technology issues or bugs on the webmaster side?
matt Cutts responded that "almost all for quality violations." Matt added that "violations of tech guidelines typically just result in those pages being pruned" instead.

I don't think this comes to any as a surprise but good to have in writing.
Forum discussion at Twitter.

A Shorter Google Title Tag After Redesign? Maybe.

Google has a new design and with that your title tag length, the blue clickable link in the Google search results, may be impacted.
Pete Meyers from Moz posted New Title Tag Guidelines & Preview Tool. He says the new title tag length is not set at 55 or a specific length, but ranges between 42 and 68 depending on Google's algorithm.
Here is the distribution chart on how likely it would be a specific character length:
click for full size
I should note, this has no impact on rankings. Just because Google cuts off your title tag, it doesn't mean it isn't used in its entirety for rankings. But it does mean that your title tags may be less click friendly.
WebmasterWorld thread is seeing a lot of questions about the title tag changes.
As martinibuster put it:
This is just the display of the Title tag, not the consumption of it by the algorithm. So, as you already noted, a shorter title may be more general. I'm not changing anything for Google. If a slightly longer title makes sense then that's what's going in the title.
This doesn't really change anything for me, though. I don't do exact match longtail titles. Prefer to match it generally in the title and more exactly in the text of the content.
Check out the Moz post for more details.

Google Index Status Reports Now With HTTPS & Subdirectories

Google announced the Index Status reports within Google Webmaster Tools now lets you differentiate between HTTP, HTTPS and subdirectories.
Google's John Mueller said "If you're a data-driven SEO (or just love to see how your site's indexed), you'll love this change :). In Webmaster Tools, we've now made it possible to differentiate the "index status" information for http / https as well as for subdirectories." Zineb explained "you can now see index status data for your HTTPS sites and subdirectories."

You will see on the report an "update" line that will convey when the reporting changed to handle this.
Google Index Status Update HTTPS
As of March 9, 2014, the Index Status reflects the data of your specific protocol and site combination as it is verified in Webmaster Tools (i.e. distinguishing www and https variations).
Here are the technical details:
We do not show aggregate data for all versions of your site. While Google crawls and indexes content from your site regardless of whether you have verified the site in Webmaster Tools, the number of indexed URLs reported in Index status are specific to those associated with your site version.
For example, suppose you have a site with 10 URLs that people can view without signing in, and 100 URLs that people can only see once they sign into your site. If you have added only one version of your site to Webmaster Tools (e.g., you would see Index status totals only for the non-secure portion of your site, which would be a much lower number than for all URLs on your site.
Therefore, in order to see the index count for your secure site, you will need to add it to Webmaster Tools (e.g. and then select it from the Site Selector.
Similarly, you can verify a subdirectory of your site with Webmaster Tools, and only data for that subdirectory will be shown in its Index status ( However, the top-level domain will continue to reflect the total count of URLs indexed for that domain.

Product Images Within Google Organic Results?

Google is now testing product images within the free/organic listings. Google has had product images in the AdWords and Google Product Listing Ads for a long time but it is rare to see Google test showing product images within the free listings.
Google Testing Product Images In Organic Results
The picture above is from a Moz Help thread, where the user noticed it and asked "Has Google put anything out about this?" Not that I know of.
The listing is actually from an advertiser, and the image matches the product images used in the AdWords PLAs shown above. Do you think Google is using that data, the ad data, to power the image shown in the organic listings? Or is it more of a scheme thing, where Google is testing a new rich snippet?
Cre8asite Forum thread is debating that right now.
Have you seen product images in the free listings before?

Google's Cutts: Here Is How Google Evaluates New Algorithms

Google's Matt Cutts, depicted here in an April Fools style animated GIF, posted a video on how Google goes about evaluating new search algorithms.
summarized the three basic steps at Search Engine Land including (1) quality raters metrics, (2) live test metrics and (3) search quality launch team final review. You can watch the full video or read my summary there to learn more.
The interesting part, to me at least, was when he talked about how more clicks on a specific search result set typically means higher quality results except when it comes to webspam. Results with spam typically see a higher click through rate.
So that does make figuring out some algorithm changes harder but Google is pretty good at, according to Matt, figuring out the spam from the good results and they weed those outliers out pretty fast.
Here is the video: