Friday, September 27, 2013

How to Add A Contact Form In Your Blogger Blogspot

How to Add A Contact Form In Your Blogger Blogspot

Creating a contact form page in your blog will be helpful for your readers as then they will be able to communicate with you directly. It will give them a easy way to share their problems with you. Even this will allow them to give feedbacks and viewpoints to you for your blog.

It is easy to create contact form in wordpress blogs. Blogger don't have such feature but good news is that you can create contact form in Blogger by adding some piece of codes. There are many websites providing this kind of services. is one of such website that provides this kind of service. Emailmeform provides free code for using a contact form. This tutorial will help you to create a contact form page in blogger.

Steps To Add A Contact Form In Your Blogger Blog

Step 1) Sign up for a free account at email me form
Step 2) Once you done with regstration process, click on the "Add Form" button.
Step  3) A popup window wll come up to show you two options:

a) You can go to template section and choose from a list of pre-made forms.
b) Or you can go to form builder to create your own form.

Step 4) I would prefer to create my own form. Choose the form builder option.

Step 5) Choose parameters you need in your contact form.
I  have selected Name, Website, Email, File Upload and Paragraph text.
I have changed field Label of "Paragraph Text" to "Message"

Step 6) Now my form looks like this:
Step 7) Now click on the Form Title to give title to your form and add some descrption or you can uncheck tick if you dont need this. I have uncheck this parameter. Click Save button.

Step 8) A popup wndow will come up like this:
Step 9) In Form manager Click Code and Choose the "HTML Only" option and copy the code.

Step 10) Paste the code to your newly created blogger page and you are done.

For more detail check these video

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