Saturday, October 26, 2013

Google+ Saved Searches Are Going Away On November 15th

Google is getting rid of the”saved searches” feature in Google+, but if you actually use it, you probably already knew that. It’s more likely that you don’t use it or haven’t used it lately. Otherwise, it probably wouldn’t be going away.
Google is alerting users of the news when they go to actually look at one of the searches they have saved. If you have saved one in the past, it appears in your list of Circles. If you go to “more,” they should show up at the bottom. If you select one, you’ll get a message saying, “Saved searches are going away. Bookmark this page on your browser to save your Google+ search for later.”
If you click the link to “learn more,” Google suggests that you save your searches by simply bookmarking the results page in your web browser. It also says you’ll be able to access the existing saved searches from the “more” menu until November 15th.

I doubt the feature will be missed very much. You can obviously still bookmark them like Google suggests, but really, how hard is it to just enter a search anyway? It takes almost as much effort to go to the “more” menu and find it.
The way Google has had it set up has been a bit confusing anyway. There’s no clear differentiation between the save searches and the Circles in the list. If you’re like me, you have saved searches and Circles with identical names, and I have to admit, it’s tricked me in the past.
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