Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How to Create static pages in Blogger

How to Create static pages in Blogger

What are Blogger static pages?

Blogger allows you to make specific pages like About me,Contact me,Privacy & Terms etc. These pages are Stand-alone pages.You can publish static information on these pages.Static pages are similar to post pages.But There are some differences between post pages and static pages.Static pages are not shown on homepage and not included in Labels.Address of static page is different than usual post pages(Not include the date).It also static pages are not indexed as Archive pages.But Static pages are ranked in Search results highly than some posts.Keyword-rich static pages can rank in higher positions in your search queries.

How to create Static pages?

Step 1 : Sign in to your Blogger account.
Step 2 : Now click on "pages" from the drop down menu near the your blog's title.
Step 3 : Click New page-> Blank page.

Step 4 : Now type your page content from "Compose" mode or edit its content clicking on "HTML" button.

Step 5 : After you add content to page,Click on Preview button to see how it will appear on your blog.

Step 6 : When you finished editing the page,click on Publish button to publicize your static page.
Step 7 : Now you have three options to link your static page on your blog.

  1. Keep your page link on the top of blog as a navigation menu.- Top tabs
  2. Add page's link on your sidebar as a vertical menu link- Side links
  3. Hide your page from blog.You can link that page manually on your Template/Menu bar.-Don't show

Step 8 : After you set the page link on your blog,click on "Save arrangements" button.

You're done.If you want to edit your page content again,click on "Edit" link bottom of your page title.Then edit your page content and after that click on "Update" button.

If you want another static page for your blog,repeat above steps.that's all.If you have any problem with creating new static page,feel free to ask from commenting section in below.

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